Viva la revolution, originally uploaded by courtneyp.

Buzz’s awesome Steve Jobs shirt


I Know HTML, originally uploaded by kk+.

Jer’s new shirt.

Cameraphone fun w/ my new Nokia 6270 from Italia.

Ryan & Buzz, originally uploaded by Brett L..


and now, a word from our sponsor, originally uploaded by tamelyn.

Support your local public radio station. I do. (Nashville Public Radio)


Funk Unlimited via No Bleach.


If everybody’s writing blogs, who’s out there reading them? Not every observation or feeling needs to be recorded for posterity. Thanks, but no thanks.100% cotton, tailored for women.

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Sweet T-shirt from called Dad’s Day, you got to start ‘em young -) Love the style and the color of this T, unique look for $18.

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Till Death Do Us Part by Augusto Reis

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“If you are wearing this T-Shirt and an attractive girl laughs at it, or says something to the effect of that’s a great shirt, fucking marry her.

On sale at burnswell for $12 and possibly another 10% off with this code:BRNS_LONG…”

Thanks via t-critic.



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