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Viva la revolution, originally uploaded by courtneyp.

Buzz’s awesome Steve Jobs shirt


I Know HTML, originally uploaded by kk+.

Jer’s new shirt.

Cameraphone fun w/ my new Nokia 6270 from Italia.


If everybody’s writing blogs, who’s out there reading them? Not every observation or feeling needs to be recorded for posterity. Thanks, but no thanks.100% cotton, tailored for women.

(via Culture Shift)

I am officially a Flock-ee!, originally uploaded by Straußer.

oh dear dear, may i present you my dear flockstar tee!
Flock rocks!

ok…. so i don’t even remember how i get this schwag in the first place
anyhow, i just want to spread the flock goodness even if it means wearing the flockstar tee 10 degrees celcius (let’s get real guys) outside!

and yeh, i wore it today, it’s around 12 degrees and yeh, i live on the southern side of the world!

iBook Girl, originally uploaded by Skwat.


flock tshirt at work, originally uploaded by mroth.

testing flock developer preview at work today. (Photo direct from Treo650 to Flickr to Flock to WordPress.)


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