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Seeds of Change…Spraygraphic Apparel…Thought Provoking Style™, originally uploaded by spraygraphic2005.

Life is full of challenges and changes try your hardest to search for happiness along the way…


Day 3: My Favourite Google Chicks!, originally uploaded by unspecialist.

hehee..shweta and her friend..and me pointing to our sign “All Tshirts Over!”…

fig 02 tee, originally uploaded by gkp.

another Threadless tee!

i’m just being honest, originally uploaded by april2.

i generally hate all female arousal euphemisms (i.e. “gets me hot,” “gets me wet,” whatever) so i say this instead. there you go.
oh, and i made this shirt so unfortunately it’s not available for purchase anywhere… that is, until someone (inevitably) rips me off. 🙂

pink, originally uploaded by Saint Robert.

Second photo shoot with Mya. It’s at the end of a long day, it’s late and pitch black. I couldn’t see her in the lake, only when the Flash lite her up. So, I wide angle my shot, and told her to get ready for the shot. Pointed in her, direction and click.

puppet.gif(needs no description)

and now, a word from our sponsor, originally uploaded by tamelyn.

Support your local public radio station. I do. (Nashville Public Radio)


Funk Unlimited via No Bleach.


If everybody’s writing blogs, who’s out there reading them? Not every observation or feeling needs to be recorded for posterity. Thanks, but no thanks.100% cotton, tailored for women.

(via Culture Shift)


Sweet T-shirt from called Dad’s Day, you got to start ‘em young -) Love the style and the color of this T, unique look for $18.

(via tcritic)


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